joy pockets

A joy-enhancing weekly community meme with a photo linky!

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No matter what is going on in our lives finding the little moments that bring us some joy reminds us what we are here for... to love life.

I find that on the toughest weeks, reminding myself of the pockets of joy puts everything into perspective for me, and on the great weeks, it's worth doubling the joy with a look back.

They're 'pocket's because it's about the little things, the simple things, the details, the moments. Those snippets of life that could easily be passed by.

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How To

Each Friday...

A) Straight up

Include up to 10 pockets list-like and 1 joy-pocket-photo.


B) keeping it real style

Tell us what sucked about your week - we want to keep the blogosphere real and we can see just how much the pockets mean to you that week - and then, share up to 5 joy pockets and a photo.


C) Photo-journal style

Share a photo collage of your week. Again, of small moments and simple things, that brought a smile to your face.

Include a link back to my blog.
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Brevity is Best

I'm the last person to stifle self-expression! But for the sake of visitors (who might be visiting several blogs on this meme, and we want to encourage that) short posts are really appreciated. I know that I can keep my long rants for another day.

And to reiterate, it's a community meme, which means - visit those ahead of you on the list!

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Wouldn't it be lovely to follow crumbs of joy pockets across blogs?