Friday, February 13


This week we started to learn time officially. Of course, being organic learners, Time has been an indirect topic for at least a year.

Besides the obvious, reading time from a clock, we have looked at time as a concept. Our new curriculum book is all about change, of which time is integral. How things change quickly or over a long period - a sudden action, seasons, evolution. The latter being one of the topics that often comes up in our natural science learning rather than in the curriculum.

I brought out the wooden clock that I've had for months. I had recently taught her to count in 1s, and realised that for time she needs to count in 5s. She picked it up immediately.

Later she played time games online.

wipe-clean monster time activity book

"I really enjoy time mama. It tells you about almost everything."

My favourite was her relaxed play time with her wooden clock. The numbers had personalities and such, and I even herd her count in 5s at one point. So it was a combination of just a toy, but also back to a clock sometimes.


She also started a new online site Sumdog this week. She's been doing basic addition mostly and really enjoys it.

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