Friday, February 20

The Week

Well I'm exhausted! And not a photo to show for any of it.

Monday - a visit to the home of some new Home Ed friends. Three sweet sisters all the way over from Australia. There was trampolining, crazy running around, playing Cluedo, hot chocolate and crumpets (Miss6 even had a try - fail, but still a try!), and dress-up.

Tuesday - a visit from her dad, big talks between the parents and soft-play gym for her.

Wednesday - the three of us visited the aquarium. It was half-term in the UK so it was very busy. It wasn't manic or overly-crowded though and we did have extra shows on because of the school holidays.
Miss6 was even picked out from the audience for one show, she had to shout as loud as possible to a diver in a large tank. She beamed with pleasure. That night, she went to bed very satisfied.

a busy board to reflect the week

Thursday - a visit to her best friend's house for general play. It happened to be Chinese New Year so I took print-outs to make lanterns. However, the girls hadn't seen each other - due to illnesses - and so play was all that was wanted.

Friday - today, was going to be quiet at home, and I know that she was more than ready for it. This morning, despite sleeping her full 9.5 hrs, I could tell she was still a little tired, and then she asked if we could have a home day. But it was a friend's (from HE group) birthday get-together so we wanted to be there to help her celebrate.

Saturday - and tomorrow morning we have a Lego story day at the library!

This is very unusual for us. We normally have a better balance between social days and quiet days.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday will be 'cosy home days' as she calls them.

There's a pile of dishes and a load of washing needing attention, but right now I'm going to sit with a cup of tea.


She said...

chatting to her grandfather on phone
He: (asked about the weather)
Miss6: It's a bit chilly.
He: (probably something along the lines of, oh no)
Miss6: Well, it is Winter. The earth is tilting away from the sun so it's chilly.
(said in the most matter-of-fact-talking-about-the-weather tone)

"I love Britain."
"Do you?"
"Yes, there are some really fun things about it. Like the way words are spelt. They can make good jokes."

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  1. It is good that you have no photos you were living in the moment and enjoying it rather than being behind the lens ;). I have very few photos this month too!


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