Thursday, February 5


Yesterday was 4 hours of play with her friend B, over at our house.

Piano time one evening with our music teacher friends upstairs.

In the last week we've watched together; BBC Meerkats: Secrets of an Animal Superstar
and BBC Winterwatch. Both great documentaries. The one on meerkats followed a tribe of them led by their matriarch. The winter one was based in the highlands of Scotland.

Free posters from Grainchain. The Cereal Story - cultivation, harvesting, production. As well as a 'Breakfasts Around the World', which she perused again when her HE friend was around for a visit and they sat down for snack.
She remains a die-hard porridge girl.

New pre-loved jigsaw map. The little children added an extra fun element.

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  1. Those posters look good, thank you for the link ;)


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