Tuesday, February 24

Musical Instruments - handmade

Monday Club was good and noisy as the theme was making our own musical instruments.

Miss6 made a kazoo from popsicle sticks, a whistle from a straw, a rattle from popcorn and a bottle and another from mung beans and a balloon. Finally a whistle from a carrot!

She also tried out a 'guitar' from rope and a bucket that a parent held for them all. The organiser also brought along an electric tuner so that they could see the change of notes with each instrument. And they experimented with different lengths of straw or rope to hear how notes change and maybe why.

She had woken during the night and not had her full sleep, so she was tired and asked to head home early. The level of noise was also a little much. Overall though she had fun.

A peaceful home day today, with lots of books, and perhaps a little Joan of Arc learning...

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