Monday, February 2

Monday Club

We so enjoy our Home Education group's Monday Club.

This week we were joined by her best friend B. B had started HE but then for various reasons returned to school. Now they've taken the plunge and re-started their HE adventures. I think that in small part to our own wonderful HE journey (and how much Miss6 is learning and exploring). But it's something they've always wanted as a family.

B and Miss 6 are only 6 months apart and play wonderfully together. So Miss6 is over the moon for her 'bestie', who also lives just minutes down the road, to now be more available.

January had a human body theme. This month is more general. Today board games and next week arty-crafty.

rare to grab a photo without other children's faces in it!

As usual, there was a quick run around in the field afterwards. Trip to a charity shop, where a wooden marble run was found for under £3! Then a quick trot to the car to escape the rain.

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