Monday, February 9

Crystal Tree

Mama caught a virus, so unfortunately we've had to skip our Monday Club. Lack of sleep (night coughing) and recent stresses make it difficult to heal. Everything impacts a child doesn't it? But as long as Miss6 remains healthy I'll take it!

I'm making sure she is getting all her Vitamin supplements and burning eucalyptus and tea tree oils around the rooms to clear the air. The support of friends has been gratefully received.

I've posted about our crystal learning before. On our last trip to the Marble Museum with her (now) home-ed buddy, MissB (which I think I forgot to blog about), I picked up one of their crystal tree growing kits. Super easy and works fast. She kept an eye on it and checked it every 5-10 minutes for a couple of hours!

This is the tree after 7-10 days.


Last night we needed to pop out for milk after it had gone dark. As it was a totally clear night (the recent weather has been clear and sunny), we had a lovely opportunity to spot Orion.


A couple of weeks back I had dental work. Her natural way with people and enthusiasm for learning caught the attention of the dentist and her nurse. So Miss6 was shown the x-ray machine and x-ray results were explained. She left the dentist's saying - I think I might want to be a dentist. She has loved medical things and bones for the longest time. I was very careful about her not seeing my distress while in the chair, and I'll keep my dentist phobia to myself!


Film night is Sundays. She chose Madagascar, much to my surprise. She hasn't seen that one for over a year I think. This morning was a long hour of animal play. She's currently at the kitchen sink. Her stories, that I can over-hear, include; water, a lion, and Black Holes.