Friday, October 10

Our days

She had her first cinema experience! We had watched Maleficent a few weeks back and we both enjoyed the film. What a fabulous re-working of an otherwise oppressive story! As it happened, our local theatre/gallery/library building was showing the film. So it isn't a purpose-built cinema complex, but it has a proper cinema room. I chose an evening to make it extra special ('we're going out at night!'), and it coincided with my birthday. So we made it a birthday outing. Seeing her wide eyes and exclamations of 'wow', was precious.

We've been to a few fairs recently, and for my birthday we visited Tavistock with a friend of mine. It's a market town on the edge of Devon-Cornwall.

Three different rivers, two woods, hills, parks, trees, mushroom spotting, leaf identification, the last of the blackberries... it's been a lovely start to Autumn around here.

tree-hugging - discarded pixie wings


On her own initiative wanted to use her bird identification book to ID two different birds in our garden.


Her dreadlocks are coming along nicely, if slowly. She'll only let me do a few a day. She prefers going the neglect method but it looks like a rat's nest, which she has no problem with. I think because her hair is fairly short and very straight, so it doesn't matt up in nice long 'dreads'. She's had encouraging comments from fiends and neighbours. She's my beautiful treasure.

We had another talk about our bedtime today - currently 3am. We're both night-owls and of course as home educators we're on no one's schedule. However, getting out of bed at midday, then add having breakfast and getting yourself sorted, makes for a very late start to the day if you want to visit anything or anyone. I asked her what she wanted most, because she can't have both super late nights and going many places.

She's very happy with 'home days' and just us two, but we both enjoy outings once in a while, especially the library! So we've agreed on a compromise, late but not super late, 12-1am. Now I'm working on slowly shifting it... waking us up 15mins earlier each day. A struggle on days we've had bad nights.

She said...

"Thank you mama for my fabulous childhood."

"Mama how was [outer] space made?"
"Errrr, well I don't know."
"It's just that I want to know what was there before space."

"How come you don't make any mistakes in caring for me... even though you weren't trained?"

I did tell her of course, that mama makes plenty of mistakes, but that being the best mama for her was my top priority, so I keep trying to be better every day. Ironically, she was sceptical - that is, she thinks I do an amazing job. So funny. I reassured her that when/if her own time comes, all she'll need to know will be inside her heart.

Must dash, she's set up a tea party for us and a few soft toys...

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  1. What a wonderful post. Happy Birthday for whenever it was. I had one this week too, I had a lovely day at Forest School.


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