Wednesday, October 8

Learning and books

I introduced her to Gaudi. I had an adult's book that we flicked through first, then gave her the one I had been keeping for her.

Building on Nature: The Life of Antoni Gaudi

We chatted about the organic lines in his architecture, how it was emulating nature. I told her that his work was in Barcelona, Spain (learnt about earlier this year). We didn't go much beyond that. I think that Dali remains her favourite. She really enjoyed the connection to nature theme though and wants to visit Park Guell.

We've been learning about community through September - urban, rural, etc, - including about the people who help the community - mail carrier, police, fire fighters, mayor, etc. She got to meet the mayor last month for her Reading Challenge certificate presentation, so that was good timing. We also visited the town hall and found photos of all past mayors.

This past week we looked at our own place in it, citizenship - what it means to be a good citizen in your town. We discussed what it means to be responsible or irresponsible (this is taken from the curriculum I use as a guide).

She enjoys jokes and word-play so I gave her a book I've been holding. It's an Axel Scheffler, Proverbs From Far and Wide.

She understands a few although it's still a little over her head for the most part, but she enjoys it and has had a good giggle when I explain what they mean. Scheffler's illustrations are always fun.

She spent this week re-reading all her Cam Jansen books, so I bought her a new one. A clever girl, a helpful male friend, solving crimes with her super memory.

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