Wednesday, October 15

Cats & Dreads

She's on a cat phase right now. She's always loved cats since she was perhaps 3, and they remain a constant. Recently she bought herself a new cat soft toy and BBC happened to have a cat series up - Cat Watch 2014. She' watched all 3 episodes several times and learnt many things about cat behaviour.

We've been looking at the difference between Laws and Rules (citizenship), and how they affect the people living together, and a community.

One aspect we found interesting is that she was to come up with 6 rules in her home, and together we could only really think of three that came close. We realised that we live not by rules but rather, expectations in behaviour - consideration, helpfulness, kindness, respect, safety.

She had her first Dreadlock Social Experience yesterday at our Home Educators social park meet up thing. A friend of hers asked her who had created them, and Miss6 told her her mum had. Then the girl's reply was so odd that it made Miss6 'uncomfortable', so she simply walked away and continued playing with her other friend. She told me about the incident but I couldn't make any sense out of what the girl had said.

I told Miss6 that without being certain we can't jump to the worst conclusion. The best thing is to always check with the person about what they meant. I hadn't expected her to do so at all, but later on that's exactly what she did and the girl claimed that she thought Miss6's dreads were great. So there had been confusion.

I was so proud of how she handled the whole thing. Later that night I asked if she would rather take her dreads out, she replied, "No way!" She explained that by 'feeling uncomfortable' she meant that what she thought her friend has said was negative, so she walked away, but she didn't feel uncomfortable about her hair. She's such a star. I'm definitely bringing up a strong girl with tons of self-esteem.

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