Wednesday, October 22

A large faerie

She's going through a mini obsession with Maleficent. A couple of weeks ago I found her a book that follows the film (her first cinema experience of course) and adds more details. It includes some lovely art work too.

One of the many things I love about home educating (our autonomous/relaxed style anyway), is that when a child finds a new interest or is going through a mini obsession, there's nothing to hinder them following that interest all the way through.

That night she said, "Mama, my head is full of Maleficent!".

The book is written for 9+ I would say, so she's exposed to many new words. I'm happy that she's asking for definitions. I've resisted the urge to make her look them up in a dictionary. You know, how in Home Education Mode we can easily take the joy and purpose away by focusing on Education. A few of the words she has obviously taken in the meaning because they've cropped up later here and there.

One night in bed,"Mama, my head is full of a plethora of thoughts." So funny.

I'm looking for horns and wings, but they seem pricey and poor quality. She mentioned making wings so I think we might give that a go.

As Maleficent is from the Moors, I reminded her that we of course live right on the edge of the moors (although more than one in England). She read through a little of my 365 Dartmoor book and we discussed taking walks further into the heart of it. She is determined that we will find evidence of Maleficent in there.

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  1. That is one of my favorite parts about homeschooling - being able to KNOW my kiddo and let them indulge in what they love.


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