Friday, October 17


Miss 6 and a half (officially today) said...

involuntarily - new word since last week. Not sure where she picked it up from. Favourite sentence talking to her dad about the previous night's storm - " caused involuntary stress in me".
Reading over my shoulder she said she made up the word involuntarily. Said that she hadn't heard it anywhere and it's not a real word, that she just made it from involuntary. Somewhat surprised to learn it was a real after all.

Despite wanting a pet T-Rex for months now (yes, a real one), one morning still in bed she admitted they could be too difficult to care for. So she said she'll have a Utahraptor instead. Although later that day we discovered together they grow to 25 feet high, hmm, this pet needs rethinking.
Ah, ok, she's settled on a Velociraptor. We might need another litter tray.

She finally finished her dinosaur extraction. Together we put together the skeleton pieces to have a triceratops.

not exact kit but similar

It's extremely dusty - horrid red plaster dust - and I can't say I would want another in my home. But it was great fun and it lasted a long time as she did a little every other day. On this last day she spent 1.5hrs at it! It's quite a thrill finding each new piece.

Perfect timing to watch BBC2's new True Stories series. I introduced her to Mary Anning, the fossil girl.

We also watched the clip on Florence Nightingale which she had heard about in her Victorian studies. Also, because it was Victorian related, this morning we included the one on Thomas Barnardo.

I'm crocheting up a toran, and she was inspired to create her own out of paper. It's a bit pale so hard to photograph.

Have a great weekend.

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