Saturday, August 23


Forgot to post this one earlier...

Couple of weeks back she has come up with some big questions and statements. They don't come from any external source as far as I know and as far as she remembers.

Paraphrasing these...
'I suddenly realised that I am me'.
'Why am I on the planet?'
'Why was I created instead of something else?'

This is a stage that comes more around the 7th year, but can start earlier. She is now 6 years almost 4 months. Although the last question is a little unusual.

Me: "Why do you think you're on the planet?"
Miss6: "I don't know, that's the big question."


  1. I love this transformation. We are in the beginning of it here, and it through me for a loop when it started, but I have found solid ground, and we are moving through it fairly well, most days.

    I love her answer to your last!

  2. How wonderful, and you have created a record :)


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