Saturday, August 2


Still part of the broader Environment theme, we headed into Community this week. So after talking about what the words, community, neighbourhood, town, mean and are used, we looked at two main parts. Urban, suburban, rural, city living, and then at community helpers and helping.

Sesame street has a nice list of 'people in your neighbourhood' clips.

Reading through A Child's Introduction to the Environment, which has nicely covered weather and community, among other things.

She's worked through drawing, writing, singing, poetry, and discussion, using some of the pages from Me and My Community free printable.

Her page on, 'when I grow up I want to be...', is a shark tamer.

After the community work and chat, she had the idea to create her own (fantasy) community. She thought about a rural, cat, or a mermaid community, and is busy now with the mermaid one, ah.... it turns out she's creating a rural mermaid community.


On the ongoing topic of Japan, she asked about using chopsticks so we watched a couple of videos and practised together.

She's also been busy the past week with a Moshi magazine including creating her own moshi that apparently loves sitting on your head.

The national reading challenge held by libraries has started. If there is one child that doesn't need reading encouragement is Miss 6, but; it's fun to obtain the stickers as you progress, the library hold activity days (we went last week to one where she created mythical collage creatures), and at the end there is a big party and medal.

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