Tuesday, July 15

weather and mermaids

A catch-up post...

Last week we looked at precipitation, the four main types, and the whole cycle. A couple of weather books from the library as well as a few water cycle interactives online.

Looking at snowflakes led to symmetry and she learnt all about it. Her favourite was using a mirror and half capital lettrs to form the whole letter. Like magic! Like all our learning, we take it into daily life and we both point out when we find symmetry, or, as she discovered through experience, asymmetry.

We re-read Snowflake Bentley (a home educated child to boot).

Watched, the magic school bus "Kicks Up a Storm".
cloud poem

She sat there one day giving me tornado facts. We don't have these in England so she was fascinated when I told her about friends in America and their experiences, including how they have bunkers for safety.


She has also become more interested in mermaids. I'm supposing connected to her marine life interest. I cut an old pair of jeans up, giving her one leg to wear over her legs as her tail.

Her drawing motivation continues and here you see a mermaid holding a mermaid drawing. (that's her mini trampoline that sits in our living ready ever-ready for her bouncing needs)


Yesterday she picked up her herb book again so I offered to print out another instalment of her Herbal Roots Zine. She read a story about and did some activities on Chamomile.


This morning she's involved in a drawing and making project. She's drawn a hamster and that gave her the idea to create the parts for a 3D one... she's busy at her desk as I type away......

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