Monday, July 7

Star Festival

We're continuing our Japan learning... and brought home a library book for some basics.

Thanks to sustainablemum, who told me that July 7th was Tanabata, a Japanese Star Festival.

This was not only a fun celebration and cultural thing to look at, but it gave us a way to see into life in Japan. I was struggling to find child-friendly videos. Looking for specifics, like a particular festival, helps I realised.

So this morning we watched the story of Tanabata, and one family preparing for the day and visiting the streets for the festival.

Miss6 suggested we ought to do something so we both made our own wishes, and hung them up on our large window, rather than the traditional bamboo.

She wrote hers in her secret language. We'll be sure to look up at the skies tonight for Orihime and Hikoboshi.

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  1. We have been reading about it too! Thank you for the links will watch those later :)


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