Wednesday, July 16

Mama's Day

Very late at night, cuddling in bed with Miss6...

"I'm going to make a Mama's Day for you."
"Oh?, Why?"
"I think you should have a day all for you to show my appreciation for everything you do for me."

gasp, what a child.

Next day, we both have forgotten.

This morning she remembered... and so I was sent to the bedroom with a book, as she created; an arrow to lead the way, two flag's stating Mama's Day that were stuck erect into the sofas.

Yes, of course I cried.

First a play picnic. Then we had a treasure hunt that included a trick route.

I also recorded part of a Mama Appreciation song she sang for me.

So who needs a national Mother's Day? July 15th from now on will be Mama's Day.

heart runneth over....


  1. What a thoughtful little girl you have. Mama's Day sound lovely.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. That is one special little lady you have there. xo


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