Wednesday, July 2


We haven't been on a learning tour since Spain. somehow Japan came up in conversation, and she said that she wanted to learn all about it....

So today we were off to Japan!

She had heard very basic Japanese from the UK Lingo Show. We had also read Tea with Milk a couple of months back (although a little mature so not a favourite).

She had a sneak peek at Let's Learn About Japan, whetting her appetite, which I promised we'll return to later.

I found some simple sites with basic Japan info, like currency and the flag. She knows now that Japanese people call their country Nippon, and it means 'land of the rising sun', hence the flag design. I asked if she could locate Japan on our wall map and she knew immediately where it was.

We watched how to put on a yukata/kimono. She loved the bit about right-over-left meaning you are dead.

Some time ago we had read Three Strong Women, a Japanese folktale in her Tatterhood collection, which includes sumo wrestling. So we watched a little of that on youtube as well.

The nicest cultural video I came across was The Paper Crane, from the Reading Rainbow. Which eventually focuses on the book.

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  1. It is the Japanese festival Tanabata on Monday 7th :)


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