Thursday, July 3


Marine life.
She's had great fun with Play, Draw, Create: ocean. Eventually this led to learning to draw sharks and other marine life. She felt good being able to draw such recognisable animals. I wondered if how-to-draw books would be a constraint to creativity, but I think she's had a great foundation in open and free art. This way has given her a whole different confidence boost.

So it's led to general drawing motivation, including many sharks, which she tends to cut out. This morning she asked for her 'nice' pastels and we have more sharks, requiem and mackerel to be specific - nicely blended I might add.

Summer Activities gave her lots of inspiration, for paper plate jelly fish and other creatures. In her (much supported by mama) independent style, she does it her own way, using the books as inspiration rather than step-by-step how tos.

We were chatting about her chalk drawings in our concrete courtyard, and how the rain washes them away completely, which then gives her a fresh canvas... this reminded me about Tibetan mandalas. I explained to her how intricate and beautiful they were, and yet, they are soon destroyed. How it's the process and mindfulness that matters, and not becoming attached.

We watched a couple of videos. Construction and destruction of a mandala and Sacred Tibetan Sand Mandala Time Lapse.

She was inspired immediately and drew her own beautiful one. We mailed it off to her grandma. She's also been chalking some outside.

We have a new member of the family.... Cookie... officially now Cookie Crumble, Sister Cat. She has drawn her portrait as well.

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