Tuesday, May 20


Using Scientific Understanding as a guide to check ... understanding... showed us both that she knows the basics in Life Science.

She understands the concepts (i.e she uses them in discussion, can tell me what they are weeks later):
generation, fertilization, larvae, pupa, chrysalis, metamorphosis, reproduction, mating, species, breed, food chain, life cycle, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, exoskeleton, vertebrates, invertebrates.

She just loves all this stuff.

recommended for younger ones: Rookie Read-About Science series

We visited a local wildlife reserve of sorts over the weekend and chatted casually about life cycles. We walked 'adventurous and secret' paths, wondered at everything. Somehow there was ice-cream.


I downloaded Secret of Bones and she re-watched the first 3 episodes. The last covered the bones of birds and it inspired her to create wearable wings. I encouraged her to think it out and do it herself. I helped her reason out the length and position of the strings.

"I can't wait till I take to the air!"

"Can you add more cello-tape, I don't want them dropping off when I'm airborne."

Of course, no animal anything is complete without a full documentary-style description of it's habits and characteristics.

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