Wednesday, May 28

wild and domestic

Carrying on our Environment theme (movingbeyondthepage) we chatted about the difference between wild and domestic animals and what domestic animals require. We read and discussed The Salamander Room.

I got her to gather various animal soft toys around us and she went through and she enjoyed telling me what each one needed for a safe and healthy environment.

I then gave her the idea to create an environment for her new gecko soft toy. We gathered some rocks and a lid for her water. As I write this she's busy constructing a place for the gecko to climb and swing.

Her experimentation had her understand how joins are weak spots... which got her talking about human joints and we chatted about how they are weak too (cartilage wearing away, arthritis) ... she's also working out a way to stabilise the swing so it can remain still. Engineering....


We've been out and about the last two days, as it's warming up and the schools are on half-term break, so there is lots going on in the region. Monday was a small festival in Brixham (it included a double scoop of chocolate ice-cream and that gecko toy - I think that these were her highlights).

Yesterday it was a community open day at Dartington Hall, There were several free activities for the children. She played instruments, run through fields, watched a magic show, had a tractor ride, created a mud monoprint, played floor chess, and we all got to try target archery - both Miss6 and I managed a bullseye! Go girls!

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