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natural numbers

I adore real life learning of core schooley subjects. As I said on a Home Education forum recently, if you cook, play sports, do arts/crafts, play music, go shopping, play board games and certain computer games, a child will learn all the maths they need to learn to do well in ordinary life. Specific maths comes in later years, if and when they show interest - whether directly in maths or in a subject that requires maths.

However, my main interest and discussion with others, is that learning mathematical concepts is NOT the same as learning mathematical thinking. Logical and critical thinking, reasoning, and creative problem solving, are real life skills.

"We should reserve study of symbolic mathematics to those intending to be scientists, engineers, etc."
Dr. Keith Devlin, the NPR Math Guy and Stanford Mathematician


I also had a pile of resources to teach calendar skills - days, weeks, months, dates. There are all sorts of lapbooks and worksheets available online. All that has been left on my pinboards for others. Instead, she crosses out the days on our wall calendar, and naturally (i.e, from interest, a related question from me, and slowly across many weeks because she has no test to pass) she is learning.


Here are books and sites that support the kind of learning we like:


The 'I Love Maths' series of books ties maths into the world around us.
For example,
From Head to Toe (UK, USA) uses the human body to learn measurement and weight.

Other titles include; Right in Your Own Backyard: Nature Math, Look Both Ways: City Math, The Case of the Missing Zebra Stripes, How Do Octopi Eat Pizza Pie?: Pizza Math, Play Ball: Sports Math.

Let's Play Maths, Holt (UK, USA)

Moebius Noodles (pay what you can pdf)

These might be helpful and look interesting, but I haven't read them:
  • Let's Play Math: How Homeschooling Families Can Learn Math Together, and Enjoy It! (UK, USA)
  • That's a Possibility!: A Book About What Might Happen, Bruce Goldstone (UK, USA)
  • Great Estimations, Bruce Goldstone (UK, USA)
  • living math book list
  • Math Mama Writes - math books

Sites and articles online.

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