Friday, May 23

MSB and books

I haven't written about further Magic School Bus episodes and work since April 9th. But she has done a few, including one this morning... let's see if I can recall them.

Cracks A Yolk + worksheet
Butterfly And The Bog Beast + worksheet
Hops Home + worksheet
Makes A Stink + worksheet

So we've stayed in the Life Science areas, and are finishing up our ongoing habitats topic.

No way I can keep up with her reading list, but here are some from the past few weeks.

Dragonology: Bringing Up Baby Dragons, Ernest Drake, 5/5

The Magic Elements Quartet, Mallory Loehr, 4/5
Earth Magic, Water Wishes, Wind Spell, Fire Dreams
She enjoyed them, wish there were more.

Oliver Moon's Troll Trouble, Sue Mongredien, 3/5
Oliver Moon's Christmas Cracker, Sue Mongredien, 4/5

Shark Baby, Ann Downer-Hazell, 4/5

Alice and Greta: A tale of two witches, Steven J. Simmons, 5/5

What's Your Sign? a Cosmic Guide for Young Astrologers, Madalyn Aslan, 5/5

Many Moons, James Thurber, 4/5

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