Wednesday, April 9

Magic School Bus + Germs

I wish there was a more up-to-date, non-school, British version of The Magic School Bus. haha But it's a nice series for Science.

Miss 5 watched two episodes (Inside Ralphie and Make a Stink). This led to a related worksheet after watching each one, and more germ discussions and resources. She looked at germs months ago but they remain an interest. She has asked for books on allergies and asthma too.

As it's a popular series, you can find many resources to support the episodes. I used 2 from starmaterials.

The immune system
Germs youtube
Crawford sneezer pleaser
Crawford washing hands
The Science Guy

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  1. We love the Magic School Bus! I agree that a modern, HE, British version would be amazing, but I am constantly being surprised by the little facts that my son has learned from watching MSB.


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