Friday, April 11


Some reading eggspress after a break, checking in on her Farm, a couple of addition pages, discovering if giraffes makes noises, or if sharks do, some yoga...

Then, today we started measurement, length.

From Head to Toe is a fun maths book, using the body. (UK, USA) It's part of a 'I Love Maths' series of books.

By 'fun' I mean that they include activities, games, puzzles, and practical applications, and not just dry formulae. Other 'fun' books I've come across throw in bright colours, reward stars, and silly cartoons. Instead, this series is about maths all around us.So today we've started with non-standard measurement. Before even looking at a ruler and units of measurements, it's nice to first understand the idea of measuring.

Pre-K is usually about learning short, long, shorter, longer. The Best Bug Parade, Stuart Murphy, is one I remember from her toddler years.

Now she can create measuring devices. In this case, her body parts. She eventually measured the rug using her foot length strip, and the length of her laptop with her wrist strip.

Other resources:
Sid the Science Kid| Exploring Measurement
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