Tuesday, April 1

Habitats + graphs

We did our first worksheets in over a week yesterday. Carrying on our habitats theme.

She's been watching Life of Mammals which she really enjoys. Discovering a new favourite animal to add to her favourites list - the pygmy marmoset. Unfortunately not a whole lot to be found on them.

She asked for one of these cuties as her desktop wallpaper (when did I mention such a thing?).

This week she started Planet Earth, especially fitting as it looks at animals by habitat. These are both wonderful documentaries.

There was a habitats graph to do in our workbook, so I told her about graph basics and bar graphs specifically. Then found some printables to practice filling them out. Did a few yesterday and she'll do the rest throughout the week.


She told her father last week that she wanted to be a marine biologist. I hadn't realised how primary this interest had become. Yesterday we discovered together her future career. Now she'll tell you the difference between a marine biologist and a marine zoologist. The latter being her choice.

So if you ask her, 'what do you want to be when you grow up?', she'll answer - an ichthyologist.

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