Friday, March 14

sharks & books

She's been doing so much creative play this week that I have been hesitant to interrupt with any ideas or outings. Even going to the library (we did have some books on reserve so had to go) took convincing.

One morning she woke and decided she had a shark project to do. It was a collage and from start to finish the idea and execution are all hers, including the tricky cutting out. She did ask that I draw the shark but I insisted this was her project. Plus she had already drawn a wonderful shark on her board. She gave it a shot and was proud of herself.

It's a Great White and it says "Save the Shark". This is a huge coincidence because I have bought her a Great White conservation pack for her birthday!

She has explored, and continues to enjoy



"This is a crystal ball, you can see your friend if they have one as well.
It's a bit like Skype for the olden days."


Daisy Dawson and the Secret Pond, Steve Voake
Daisy Dawson and the Big Freeze, Steve Voake

Oliver Moon & the Dragon Disaster, Sue Mongredien
Princess Power: The Perfectly Proper Prince, Susan DeVore Williams

3-D Human Body DK
A Life Like Mine: How Children Live Around the World DK


  1. I am always so hesitant to interrupt the creative play, I try my best not to, but there are times when things have to get done or we have to go somewhere and I have no choice but to interrupt. I love listening from another room as my little man plays, the conversations he has with himself and his toys are amazing!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hello again Monica! Long time! I hope you are well. Your girl is looking gorgeous and happy and pleased with herself, as she should be .

    "Skype for the olden days" - brilliant, love it. x


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