Monday, March 3

reproduction education

We have spoken in general terms about how babies are made but it was in school (a Steiner Kindergarten mind you) that she picked up the term sperm. It reminded me of something I have always believed - if we don't tell them, someone else will, and it could be incorrect, scary, misleading, inappropriate, or simply a missed opportunity between you and your child.

I came across It's NOT the stork and thought it would be a good framework to work our way through the subject. I was really impressed. It's very, very, well put together. The cartoon images are clear, leave nothing out, and yet manage to remain age-appropriate. The text is similarly clear and leaves nothing out. It includes a section on okay and not okay touch, as well as different types of families.

It's definitely a book you would need to read through before deciding if it's right for your child.

I hate to admit that I almost skipped the, act of making a baby page. I know, ME?! It's just that I know how curious and observant my girl is - I couldn't help wondering what she would do with the information. At school she wore a sock as a 'willy' and played toilet games.

But like most subjects, I figure early rather than too late is best. Make it a normal topic now and it reduces or completely eliminates any awkwardness later.

Like a typical 5 yr-old, she took all in her stride. Helped by having some idea already of functions, full idea of body parts and the differences between girls and boys.

When watching a wildlife documentary the next day, she commented on two cheetahs mating,

"I guess he's trying to put sperm into her".

Yup, it's all body functions.

(I'm refraining from using the S word due to spamming/web searches, so forth.)

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