Friday, March 7

Habitats and Mozart

Last week she started a drama group. It's for young'uns 4-7, and it's mostly role-playing and movement.

That Friday she created algebra on her blackboard.
tick + tick = 2tick

She was ill with a fever so we had a quiet week.


Nat Geo Wild Animal Atlas

This week has been slow (busy having daddy time) but we have done quite a bit on habitats. More on basic mapping, reinforcing the types of habitats, where they are found around the world, and understanding what it is to have a healthy and supportive environment. Also more games.

Mozart the Wonder Boy, Opal Wheeler

The Magic Flute, Anne Gatti

We've continued our Mozart appreciation with two books. She has seen 2 parts from The Magic Flute but now I've introduced her properly to the story. She's keen to watch the opera with me.


Tom's Dragon Trouble, Tony Bradman
Ivy and Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go, Annie Barrows

Never Girls #1 in a Blink, Kiki Thorpe
Never Girls #2 the Space Between, Kiki Thorpe


  1. Maya adores the Never Girls and is anxiously awaiting the next publication. All things faires lately...


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