Monday, March 31

beasts + bones

I haven't written in over a week. Partly because she has been unwell (just a cold but a lingering worse-during-the-night cough, on a few days there I was in my Barely Functioning Mode - if child is fed, watered and hugged, that will have to do).

Also partly because she has been doing a lot of that learning that comes from doing and exploring lots of little things. The type that I try to document but often just live it alongside of her - which is the best way of course. Lastly, because I discovered a book series that she adores and so has been reading, reading, and then reading some more.

So last week was all about Beast Quest. A well-written, exciting fantasy series. It was aimed at encouraging 7-yr-old boys to read, but it's entertaining for both boys and girls. Especially as there is a girl who teams up with the male protagonist and she is brave, clever, and helpful.

Honestly, I thought it was a bit advanced in topic. She had been reading Never Girls - and I wish publishing houses would offer girls more than fairies and girly friendship situations.

Beast Quest is all about scary beasts under an evil wizard's spell, that the heroes have to find, fight and rescue. However, they are beasts who want to be good, and the fighting is not graphically violent. If I had found a series of chapter books without all these elements it would still have been my preference. But hey, she isn't troubled by the scary bits (quite frankly amazing to me for a girl who has numerous fears like spiders and scary noises, etc).

Even the images on the covers are a bit much. Yet she seems focused on the exciting action and has called them AMAZING. I opened a goodreads account for her. I would have loved to see what books I read as a child.

She read 5 of these on day one and about 8 on the second day. I bought her a pre-loved set of 52 books. She has slowed down now, her brain needs a break I suppose.

We also watched a 5-part series, The Secret of Bones. What fabulous timing for a girl who loves bones. A BBC production, we caught it just in time due to a heads-up from a fellow Home Ed parent.

I did discover though, that despite how much she loves bones she is quite clear she doesn't want to make it her work when she grows up. Interesting how well they know their own minds when you leave them to it.

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