Wednesday, February 5

Tiny Learning

Those tiny moments, spontaneous questions, random thoughts.... they are so difficult to record. They are small and fleeting, but so wonderful. This is the learning that happens outside of workbooks, educational games and videos, or mama-inspired work. The real magic, in my eyes.

I try to jot them down, but in wanting to be in the moment, it's inevitable that most are swept into the winds.

Some I can recall... (all from her questions, thoughts, experiments, personal reading)

What a cylinder is.
The breeding life of mudskippers.
The trajectory of an arrow.
The pronunciation or Uranus (there are two).
The difference between the spots of leopards, cheetahs, and jaguars.
East and West.
Chamomile good for teething (she has a loose tooth).
How to trace a drawing.
Can girls be Kings? Leading to Queen Elizabeth and Queen Isabela while having lunch.

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  1. These are the moments to treasure but the ones I always forget about :)


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