Thursday, February 20

Pets 101

If you don't know about savefrom, then wait to be over-joyed! You can save videos from the Internet onto your computer. Great for anyone of course, but I especially appreciate it for children. It means that I can save youtube videos for my girl and not have to wait for ads or spot any inappropriate/unwanted ads or videos from their sidebar. As well as the convenience that she can watch them from her PC when she feels like it.

She requested the Pets 101 series which we've watched months before. Her favourites are any that include a skeletal simulation view of the animal.

Watching videos like these always prompts her own made-up documentaries. Usually about her fantasy Boybol. She enjoys imparting information and facts.

Saving these included an organic learning; how to open her downloads folder, how to create a new folder on her desktop, how to name it, and how to move files from one folder to the other.

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