Monday, February 24


I bought a small part of a curriculum from Moving Beyond the Page when we first set off on Home Education. I chose what they offer because it's interdisciplinary, it's very relaxed, and they encourage individualised use, such as using it as a supplement.

I know, I know, I'm not really a curriculum sort of person. However, there is so much that she and I are interested in, that I can become quite lost in the abyss of resources. I truly enjoy putting together bits of work for her, but I can end up making it a little chaotic too. Just a tiny bit of structure - still free to choose when and how much - is useful.

I chose their Environment 'Concept' because I felt it was something that she was already interested in. And that's how I am using this Concept and any future ones if I choose to purchase them - pick up what I feel she has an interest in already.

They call them Concepts because they deal with Big Ideas, or over-arching concepts, rather than simply a subject or topic. Environments isn't just abou habitats or maps, but about the connectedness of place and person/animal, and about community.

Your favourite room in the house is.... "Wherever my mama is"

If I had the money I would probably buy their entire curriculum and pick and choose what she liked. As I don't have that luxury, a Concept here and there is fine. She really enjoyed doing her 'lessons' and asked for a 2nd activity. Although it turned out to be too much and we called it quits for the day.

I bought the 5-7 age suggestion, and it isn't a challenge for her but it does support what she already knows, or partially knows, and has practice in handwriting and such things. All in small chunks and we didn't do more than an hour from start to finish.

As I said, it's a framework. It got us talking about related things (we pored over a huge map of Italy for a bit) and it means that I can find articles, books, and online games, that are related.

This way she's following a thread, rather than jumping all over the place. Although of course we're free to jump, if the water looks good elsewhere ;)

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