Thursday, February 13

Animal Habitats

We've been looking at animal habitats a little. This is one of those long-term ongoing units we'll do. Although it's very spontaneous and is secondary to Spain studies.

It started with her own habitat and basic home map and every time she is interested in an animal we discuss it's habitat.

I found some fun websites for her. This is a nice one except there are only four creatures, and there are others on my Animal Habitats board.

We've looked specifically at the habitat of the mudskipper, Iberian Lynx (Spain unit), and marine eco-sytems.

Her imaginary Boybol creature apparently requires a lot of warmth, so it lives in the hottest place on earth. We checked online and double-checked, and NASA confirms that the hottest place on earth is the Lut Desert in Iran. She found the place on her world map poster. So that's from where Boybols originate.


  1. Michael has been learning about habitats, too, in his new online school. He's learned so much on this topic just by watching Wild Kratts, though, one of his favorite TV shows, that he's often teaching ME about habitats. He still enjoys learning more, though. :)


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