Wednesday, February 19

Anatomy & Guitar

These past two weeks she has been absorbed in a Human Anatomy site for children. I had to monitor how many sections she went through as the first day was brain over-load! It's an American site and she once played a documentary game putting on an American accent (which was awful btw lol).

She has wanted a toy guitar for many months and I had considered buying a proper one (half size for children) for her 6th birthday. Visiting a charity shop last Tuesday to drop off some items, she spotted one and, "at first sight it was love". She hugged it tight. She had made an impression on the sales woman, with her maturity (telling her she was home educated after the woman asked if she had just got out from school), that it was no trouble getting a 50% discount (it was rather pricey really).. Apparently it's a proper ukulele, brand new too. The icing on the cake, it's PINK. It was made for her.

So she has messed about with it as well as watched a couple of youtube videos.

Tiny Learning:
How alligators sound when they bellow
The hottest place on earth (Lut desert in Iran)

I created a Self-Awareness board, and have started working through some ideas. Despite the big subjects of anatomy, animals, and the solar system, I think it's a good idea to pull things back and look within as well. Start that self-exploration now while young.


Last week forgot to post couple of things...

Merida costume inspired some creative role-playing.

Photos, info, videos about the Iberian Lynx, as part of our continuing Spain study. Inspired role-playing where she was a Lynx in long grass (brown paper and cushions), and narrated her own documentary.

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