Saturday, January 11

Where I am

We kicked off our Geo-adventures with discussion about maps and atlases.

We discovered what the word geography means. Then, we considered the most basic geography we already know and don't realise, that of our own room, and home.

We climbed her bunk bed and stood as high as we could looking down, which she thought was great fun of course. That led us to a big piece of lining paper and pencils, and drawing a plan of her room. I added the other rooms and she added the furniture.

It was a challenging spatial awareness exercise. It's not natural for a child to 'see' in aerial view!

She copied the word geography, and is still going for the easier capital A. *wink*

Then a splash of sun and shadows on a wall inspired shadow puppetry.

Quickly back to the home map to play. She got lots of creative play from the 'house'. A lovely spontaneous outcome.


  1. Mapping is such a great skill and so much fun!

  2. I love the way that learning can take you down so many different paths, most you don't expect!

  3. Looks like you are having great fun. mapping the house is a great idea.

  4. Such a wonderful journey you and your little sponge are on! All the best in homeschooling Mon, the rewards are great and I do miss it!


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