Friday, January 31

Merida and Lego

Up to 3pm it was creative role play, some lego, some quiet reading.

We finished up Merida's hair - painted paper cut into strips. With her bow and arrows and now the hair, she was Merida all the way!

Later in the day she tried the free version of TimezAttack but I think she got a little bored with sum after sum and not much game play. She announced that she didn't really want to learn Math. (! hmmm, after insisting she wanted to learn it and enjoying it for weeks. well it's all good by me.)

We watched together a 2-part video on gender bias in Lego toys. It's interesting that just a few years ago I wouldn't have thought it necessary to introduce these issues so early. Despite the amazing strides we've made in gender equality, it is only very recently, as little as a few years, that toy stores are distinctly pink and green/blue/orange orientated.

She sees it, she needs to be aware.

We are still coughing and nose-blowing, but on the road to recovery.

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  1. The graphics are great in TimezAttack, but the story isn't very interesting! : )
    Ah, well.
    I love the hair--so fun. Makes me think that a dress-up tea party is in order.


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