Saturday, January 25

the week that was...

There is so much To Do for my Miss5 that every day could be spent visiting some thing, some one, some where. Yet we need a balance, of 'doing out there' with just 'being in here'.

So we have decided not to attend the 2nd Home Ed group. The group in Plymouth is where we feel most comfortable and they seem very active and eager to get together for visits to various places. Also, when the warmer weather arrives there will be more walks and the beach.

This past week we had our main library group meet up, a 1-2-1 with a local HE family, relaxed creative play at home, Reading Eggs, maths games online, lots of discussions, trampoline class, Spanish language learning.

I had been planning our next country 'to visit' but the subject of planets came up and I realised that she has always been interested - partly stemming from my own involvement with them through astrology. She has sat on my lap and pointed out the astrological symbols belonging to her family, and knows which planets belong to us.

We have also always observed the moon and she has known it's phases since she was at least 4 yrs-old. So in the car on Monday I asked if she wanted to do a study unit on planets and the response was an enthusiastic 'yes!'.

I researched info, but went with the flow of the week which included sleeping in (we neither sleep well), all the above, and ended in a much-enjoyed aquarium visit.

We didn't dwell on it but she learnt about the plastic in our oceans and that it's killing the marine life. She was very cross at the items (barbie, lighters) that were collected from one beach visit, and that her very favourite of the day, a sea turtle, are dying by the thousands because of this mess we create.

As the aquarium is local to us, it means that a day ticket is valid for the year. Excellent value for money. So we'll be popping in regularly.

So today we are staying in, doing some sorting of Stuff, and I've started by giving her a new book to read on the solar system.


  1. I find that the hardest part about homeschooling, finding the balance and not getting caught up in everything there is to do. We have finally found our rhythm with it all, but it took time and it also took us getting caught up in everything to realize it was just too much and really not what we wanted.

    Hopping you will share some of your studies on the planets :)

  2. Our Outings are pretty sporatic, and influenced by the seasons. We'll go and go and go for a few weeks, then spend two week straight at home. : ) New seasons inspire different outings and adventures.
    I love the photo at the aquarium! Ours has been closed since September--they're building a large one. It opens next month! We can hardly wait.
    It's fun to find new friends, and lovely to find a groove that works for everyone... it's a beautiful thing when we are all getting plenty of alone time, are inspired by adventure, and enjoying enough play with friends.


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