Thursday, January 30

Surgery, stars & archery

We now both have a cold, and mine turned into a stomach bug, so have taken it easy.

Miss5's interest in human biology has never waned. She has moved on to many other things but as she clarified for me one day after I asked her if she were interested in something or other related, "You can always find me things about the human body".

I found a surgery simulation interactive activity. One for knee surgery and another for hip replacement. Many words must have gone over her head, but she followed instructions and performed the surgery just fine. She was totally in her element and must have played them through 10+ times each. Her next plan is to perform knee surgery on her dad.

A Solar System notebook, using parts of various printables (abcteach, homeschoolingthem). Nice easy and fun stuff.

We read, National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space

There was a little Reading Eggs and a book on Australia, in which she's interested. Also an original version of The Nutcracker.

The highlight of her week has to be the cheap plastic mini bow and arrow set (you know the type of toy that come with children's magazines?), because now she can be a real Merida. Lots of creative play and dress-up around the Brave story, plus her own inventions.

I did field archery many years ago and absolutely loved it. I have never stopped thinking about doing it again one day. So now that she's interested as well, I have the perfect excuse. I found a local club and will wait until the warmer weather and when she turns 6. We're both looking forward to that.

Miss5 - "What would happen if you shot an arrow in space?"
Me - "Well, there's no gravity so what do you think?"
Miss5 - "It would just keep going."
Me (trying to be funny) "...and going and going and going and going and going ... until it hit Uranus!"
Miss5 - "No, that's a gas planet."

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