Thursday, January 16

Off to Espana

Today we flew to Spain, well, in our studies anyway.

I really enjoyed that as I put together some final pieces, she made up the story of flying to Spain. I had never suggested amy such thing. Other than her play passport. She used a ABC case as her suitcase, grabbed her passport and I added some aeroplane and airport announcements.

Then she came through customs where we exchanged some dialogue with a little Spanish. I 'stamped' her arrival into Spain, wished her a good visit and off she went to do some worksheets - basic map, colour in the flag, place Spain in Europe, name the capital...

Then we watched a few Flamenco videos off youtube. She learnt that Flamenco is a style of dance, music, and song. I'm looking around for ideas on Flamenco. I did find some 'learn to dance' vids which I'll try her on tomorrow. I had hoped to buy her a flamenco dress-up dress, but the car ate into that budget. And I don't sew like that!

After lunch it was a visit to a friend from her old school. Back home a lovely Fairy book arrived so that inspired some dress-up fairy play.

She hasn't worked on Reading Eggs for a couple of days. She mentions it but I put it off. She really enjoys the structured/formal work, but she needs unplugged creative play too of course.

Just another moment when we remember how different we all are - unschooling wouldn't fly with this kiddo.

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