Friday, January 17

Numbers and Dance

We started with Geography reviews by playing fun games on the continents.

During lunch I asked her to point out the country where our food was from, India. The new atlas poster is in our kitchen.

After lunch she played Maths games from the BBC site. Plus she then went ahead and chose stories and songs related to Maths from their menu.

We watched the amazing Maria Pag├ęs again. Then some flamenco classes with this playlist. She worked on a few vids on the feet, quite a challenge, so I joined in and helped her along. She actually did the whole hand and arm playlist last night. She couldn't wait to get to the noisy feet. She has a pair of noisy clogs she's using.

Don't think that I mentioned that I introduced her to the Nutcracker ballet. We watched almost the whole thing online a couple of weeks back, but it was very long for her age. She actually asked to watch it again today, which was a surprise. I bought her a children's version. Really nice as it has the more famous pieces plus some narration to guide them through the story. She's listening to it as I type.

Some Who Is It? together. She won :)

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