Wednesday, January 15

Hamster and Herbs

Her first specific HE learning request was 'all about Spain'. Her first 'project', inspired by printing out info pages on the continents yesterday, is about her hamster. She asked last night to create a page all about her pet.

So this morning we began by thinking up ideas of what to include. I encouraged her to flip through her hamster book for inspiration.

While I was setting up the page she reminded me about doing her passport. Late last night I got the idea of a play passport to go along with her Geography studies. Don't you just love the internet!? Others have thought the same, so easy-peasy I simply downloaded and printed out a template from

I wrote out the words (basic personal details) and she copied them in. A nice exercise to have them learn their nationality and reinforce date of birth and so on.

The idea of copywork, or handwriting practice where the child writes a letter over and over, seems infinitely dull to me. Miss5 can practice handwriting by simply doing it. That is, as part of her topic/interest.

She picked up her herbal book last night so I thought to print out her Herbal Roots Zine. We've started with Ginger from the 2010 archive. I modified the pdf quite a bit as it has a lot of information that's a little dense for a 5 yr-old. When she's older we can add the rest of the pages. She particularly enjoyed the fictional story of ginger.

As I write she's returned to her continents notebook. She really likes playing with the labels.

A mish-mash of a morning! That's one great aspect to HE, going with the flow.

And now it's dress-up time it seems - playing Merida (Brave). After lunch we're headed to our Haberton HE group.

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