Friday, January 10

geography... as a path to education

I had chosen Five In A Row (FIAR) as a sort of jumping off point for topic studies. I'm not one to stick to a set course of ideas, but I do like a foundation to work from, or to change completely. Despite the importance of literature in our lives, I was on the look out for something that felt more intuitive and organic to us.

Miss5 said one day, "I want to learn all about Spain." She has been doing very sporadic and informal Spanish language (which had been sparked by early Dora videos). A week later a light bulb went off, travel! countries!

As I had told Miss5 earlier, the world is our classroom. Why not learn from that exact premise?

The study of a country can be so diverse and be tailored to suit each child's interest. As I like an interdisciplinary approach, and Miss5 and I enjoy so many interests.... our Geography will begin with basic country info, flag, language, and people. It can then take us to art, natural science, dance, animals, and social awareness. Some children could include history and politics.

So, my basic ideas for Spain include Dali, Gaudi, flamenco, some of its endangered animals, and the famous queen.

I mean really, the possibilities are limitless. I so like the idea of the world becoming a unit, a whole, where every piece of learning ties back into it. Through place, people, and it's creatures. A web.

I'm still waiting on her atlas poster, although we have a globe we've looked at. I found a book, My World and Globe: A First Book of Geography. It's not as comprehensive as I had hoped, but it sparked off some ideas.


  1. That is a lovely idea, a great way to learn.

  2. What a lovely idea, we're planning on taking our little ones travelling through Europe and may have to keep an eye on some of your ideas to use! Xx


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