Tuesday, January 14


Monday we went along to a home educators get-together at the city library. Miss5 made a good friend and I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.
In the evening we did a little Spanish together using Babbel.

Today started with a body organ placement game. She still loves the human body. Quite a challenge as this one requires that the organ be in the correct rotation. She ended up doing each game.
After lunch we had hoped to head up to a city park where the same HE-ers meet for a social. The morning sun had made me brave. But I needed to wait for the delivery of our new printer.


The new printer was so easy to set up that we started printing, and I created a notebook for her (although much of the print out is from lapbook ideas). We were going to start in on Spain but I realised it was better to grasp an overall 'bigger picture' of the world layout.

So today was about continents.

We looked at the continents on this interactive site. Then she played this super easy game. She wanted to keep going, getting faster and faster.

Then she tucked into her notebook. She stated that after the first page she would be done with her work. However, turning the pages and finding little pockets, and cut-outs, well, that's too intriguing to pass up! *wink*

In between, we cuddle, she bounces on her mini trampoline, dances to my 'moving songs for kids' youtube playlist, reads books...

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