Thursday, December 19

the chiffchaff

A late breakfast today after a cough-disruptive night. Lots of cuddles. Brave read-along with her porridge. Flower Fairies Alphabet mini-book on her desk, which she read through.


The Great British Year people were giving away a seasonal poster to whoever asked for one. She eventually decided that the Chiffchaff was her favourite, as it was cute and chubby.

So we discovered what the Chiffchaff sounded like, what it looked like, and it's basic behaviours. She recognises that it has a black streak from beak, across the eye, and back.

She picked out a few more bird clips to watch. We chatted about the importance of bird feeders and how much we love cats but the danger that cats pose to garden birds.

When we were done she went off to make a cut-out bird feeder. She invited me to come birdwatching. So with a tp roll I quietly watched the little bird tweet (a proper chiffchaff call) and feed.


She then spotted her computer and asked to do Reading Eggs... focus on oa sound (coat, goat, float). I see her getting fidgety, so offer a snack of buttery wholemeal toast.

Lunch is just around the corner...


  1. lovely!

    love and light

  2. Really enjoying these posts. My daughter is younger, but just liking the philosophy behind it all.


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