Tuesday, December 17

oh the things... Dec 17

  • The song and call of the Chiffchaff.
  • The sneaky nest-stealing tactics of the cuckoo.
  • 'Yo soy' (I am), in Spanish.
  • Started on Reading Eggs. Easy and fun. (she knows how to read but this will be fun while gently helping her spelling.)
  • Learning new pieces from Mozart, with this album.... Eine Kleine Nachtmusik has been a favourite for some time now, and I need the child to start humming something else!


  • Library visit with Xmas card-making.... where she made, and explained to the librarian, a Solstice card, because "That's what we celebrate". She was also the only child who didn't have her parents making almost the whole thing for her. hmmm
  • Built a nest out of cushions and Amazon packaging... inspired after watching the cuckoo video.
  • Cleared out unused and 'bitsy' toys together.
  • Trampolining class.
  • Has an imaginary friend, Kim, who has become a sister I think. Inspired by Jessica. She read that months ago, but only now this creation.She openly says it's her imaginary friend.

silly poses on gym mat


Defiantly, in response to something her father said...
"I can be whatever I want to be. A doctor, an artist, or a dragonologist"

On suggestion of a learning topic...
"Great!! You're creating a good adventure for my brain!"


The Egg, M. P. Robertson
Just okay. Better if he had left out the tormenting girls bit. Miss5 loves eggs and dragons, and hasn't picked this up again. That says a whole lot.
Night Tree, Eve Bunting
This is our new tradition. I will never cut down a tree for decoration, so I love this alternative, but even if your family does, this could be a nature-connecting addition.
Rainbow Magic series. Bella The Bunny Fairy. Georgia The Guinea Pig Fairy. Lauren The Puppy Fairy.
I find these really unimaginative and dislike the whole troll focus. However, they are a series that contains appropriate topics for the young, and yet are reading age 6-9. Hard to find this combo for my 5.5yr-old girl. And she loves them.
Why Snakes Shed Their Skin (I Wonder Why series)
Shine, Moon, Shine, David Conway
Very sweet, nicely told and lovely illustrations.
Lila and the Secret of Rain, David Conway
The message is opaque for little ones, but leaves lots of room for discussion. Good from the library.


  1. Love the "said"s again. I'm going to check out that reading eggs site.


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