Wednesday, December 11

oh the things... Dec 11


  • That humans are also mammals.
  • Greetings and head-related body parts in Spanish.
  • The Cuckoo bird of Great Britain migrates from Scotland, Wales, and England, to the Congo.
  • How to measure (our hands, arms, and feet), with a measuring tape. Basic idea of centimetres. Because she had a toy one.
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise (while stirring her porridge to cool it down, she does 10 of each).
  • Changing the font size and style in Windows Notepad.


  • Made a penguin from cardboard, her own design.
  • 'Composing' her own songs on her inherited keyboard.
    My neighbour and friend (artist and piano teacher) has offered her a wonderful discount if she so chooses to take up lessons. However, I'm wary of lessons killing her joy of just bashing keys and making 'songs'. Let's just hold off for now, ye?
  • Gave fish-cakes a try. So-so. The lime flavoured salmon ones were a thumbs down. 
  • Decided to start a long-term-add-as-I-feel-the-urge, giant drawing (I took down some lining paper from the wall I had been using to keep the wall clean from my canvases)
  • Dressed as a Rose Fairy and made a paper rose to carry... inspired after reading her Flower Fairies book.


"I shudder to think."

"Mama you were too stern!"

"Tortillini gives me an extra lifespan."
the secret to immortality is out!


Camels Have Humps (I Wonder Why series)
The Shortest Day, Wendy Pfeffer
Nothing special but so few solstice books around. For a book-loving child, it's a nice way to affirm what we do.
A Year Around the Great Oak, Gerda Mulle
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Grace Lin
Buy this. yes, just buy it. I read this one a few chapters a night to her. She'll read it next herself.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful time of organic learning!

  2. So much learning taking place, all the things I love about home education.

    We have The Winter Solstice by Ellen Jackson which we love to read at this time of year.

  3. Love the "said"s. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is now on hold at the library :)

  4. Love the "said"s. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is now on hold at the library :)


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