Friday, December 13

a solstice snowflake

A paper snowflake that a child can make. We're keeping the few decorations pre-loved and home-made.

Miss5 struggled with cutting straight lines by sight, so I marked out some quick lines for her to follow. It ended up a craft that helped with scissor skills.

Looks fancy but actually easy, fun, good for motor skills, and a lovely decoration at the end of it.

There are many online tutorials (especially easy to find on Pinterest), but I was glad to find one offering a video with children giving the instructions. My girl definitely responds well listening/watching peers being arty or informative.

The blue stars you see up there are tissue-paper folded stars. Also easy and fun. Enchanted Tree has a tutorial.

It's utterly impossible to shake ourselves of Xmas, and it's confusing I find. So many many messages and images, even when we are mostly indoors these days. We read and chat about how we celebrate the Winter Solstice, and she gets that. What I do appreciate is how so many of us are celebrating a magical occurrence of some kind, around the same time. That does make for a little more magic sparkle, to be shared by anyone.

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  1. Those are beautiful! We are trying to avoid the images and messages of a traditional holiday too, not easy, but we are trying.


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