Monday, July 15


i placed her treehouse on the windowsill and now she plays with it again.
location, location,location


May 7th - Last couple of weeks got into mama with baby role-playing.
May 6th - First beach visit this year. First real beach explore in our new area, as we only ever visited the popular (i.e, loud, brash) Paignton.

After starting to sleep in her own bed last Summer, she's been asking for me to sleep with her. I alternate nights, and crawl out after she's dropped off.

She's infiltrated everyone with her imaginary creature - a Boible (cat-like, faster than a leopard, can pick up houses, eats everything but allergic to stew, some have wings). Her creature is strong, powerful, fearless. A wonderful representation of what she wishes to/knows she can be?

Began trampoline-ing at local leisure centre, but now switched to gymnastics (very easy fun stuff).

I bought goggles to get her to start having her face wet and into the water, in the bath, as a prequel to swimming. She just hates having water on her face. So teeny baby steps still. Trying her in the shower with me so that she gets used to the water splashing her face.

I introduced her to a young version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - she adores it. Now we're reading the whole Narnia Chronicles, lent to us by my neighbour.

Last Thursday, she completed her first year of Steiner Kindergarten. A whole year of school! I find that the school calendar really makes time so prominent that it's difficult not to watch it fleeting.

She's 5 and 1/4 this month.


This Mercury retrograde (in my 2nd House - of tangible things and resources) has seen me lose money (super big as well as small), mysteriously lost an expensive purchase from the shop to my home and my daughter's bathing suit from the beach carpark to our home, had 2 unexpected and complicated bills.


  1. I like how you found a balance between her needs and yours on the sleeping front. Maybe we all need an alter ego to manifest another side to us! Sorry to hear about the domain name, grrr. Chaiandink?

    1. yeah, as far as she's concerned I'm there for the important bit, and then she's asleep anyway.

      chaiandink, lol, i can't help but see dink, or a polish surname :D

  2. Sweet post, I love when you write updates. Michael still doesn't go to sleep on his own, and since I stopped nursing him a year ago, his dad lies by his bed till he falls asleep, and usually he falls asleep too! Bonus: I get a king-size bed to myself most nights. I love the Boible. Michael invents things, too, but nothing that's ongoing. He hasn't had school this year--he's become a TV addict, unfortunately. I figure I better send him to kindergarten this year since my brain isn't exactly trained on schooling him right now. Still have hopes for homeschool, but not this year. Also, bummer about your blog domain!

    1. after bringing her up on books and creativity, and that TV numbs your brain, she LOVES tv. argh. so our newish rule is - if she's been playing creatively for a lengthy period of time then her brain will be okay with some TV. and never before lunch. so she knows what to expect now. kindergarten has been a life-saver for us both. she gets tons of play that i can't offer.

    2. I've been thinking of having a similar rule about TV...only it's been hard to get started on it because I've been so tired in the mornings. Yes about getting play at school. I want him to have that more than anything right now.

    3. I would then make that your 'rule' - tv for x amount of time (2 shows whatever) in the mornings and then creative play. or tv while mama cooks lunch.... it's more than fine for it to work for us too! :) But I think that if we can work it around some parameters that's when it becomes manageable. like almost everything with children, right?

      we also have a lot of dvds that I have chosen for their calm, intelligent, educational, or gentle approach. if tv is not meeting your mind/heart needs.

    4. Hmm, yeah...I'll have to figure this out...

  3. This is such a beautiful blog. Hopefully i can build mine with as much positive energy as yours. -


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