Wednesday, April 17


It's a common phrase from a mother's mouth - where has the time gone? But honestly, I don't feel that this year. Perhaps because our first 3 years were so crazy challenging and full. Perhaps because she's old enough to ask 'when am I five?' several times a month. Perhaps because we have slowed down, finding simplicity in our days. Perhaps it's all of the above.

I may not be amazed to have a five year-old, but I still shed the tears of over-flowing love.

Currently, her favourite things are:

robots (special wall-e crush)
body organs
chocolate ice-cream
the letter x
pink, white, gold

Most recent favourite books:

Don Quixote (Usborne)
Any body book
The Lost Thing, Shaun Tan
Tag Books still

Has just started learning Spanish. She's 104cm. Reads for age 8.
She has an imaginary creature called a Boyble (sp?), which looks similar to a cat cross chameleon, with wings. She has managed to get all her little friends to play Boyble games!

Recent saids:

"I love life mama"
"Mama, can you explain the world?"

Today was a quiet day with mama and tata, and presents. Tomorrow is her birth celebration Steiner-style in her class, and Saturday is her party with friends. As she just told her cousins over the phone - it's a birthday week!


  1. Wishing her a lovely week of celebrations and a year ahead filled with wonderful things.

  2. Lovely! Happy birthday to your girl. x

  3. a happy day to your beautiful girl and a happy birthing day to her beautiful mama....

    wall-e is pretty huge in this house, too....;)


    1. she hasn't even seen the film yet! lol just youtube vignettes.

  4. Aren't four and five year old little girls just magical? Our little one will be five in the summer, and her head is full of incredible stuff and stories and ideas. Love it. Happy birthday to your little one!

    1. i'll miss these ages, when so much is possible in their minds.

  5. ~see...she already is wise beyond her it "can you explain the world" she is a seeker of knowledge...and toilets...what is it about toilets...when our youngest was matter where we went...he had to visit each and every darn toilet around...brightest of bright birth day blessings to you and yours~

    1. she has her Sun in her 9th House - definitely a seeker of ultimate truths!

  6. She sounds great. Hope she has a lovely party.

  7. Oh I loved this! She looks so grown-up - and beautiful! Such a lovely light to her. And loved reading what she loves.

  8. Hi, Monica. It is a long time ago that I've visited your blog. I'm happy to return just in time to say 'Happy Birthday' to your adorable and bright daughter.
    Your blog has become a beautiful place, full caring, nurturing, and creativity.
    Best wishes from Paula at


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